Be C.O.O.L is a personal empowerment program designed for the young adult - to augment the standard education curriculum - it teaches - self-control, self-discipline, personal drive, commitment, fairness, compassion and vision

This program is designed to introduce young adults to key concepts and fundamental processes that must be mastered to experience a successful professional life. Managing Life, is intended for self-defined success.

We Empower Young Adults with the Tools to Self-Define their Success

We harness the students motivation, dreams, passion and we teach the tools of commitment, will, drive & discipline to keep the student growing towards their self-defined goals.

These powerful skills are not taught in school as distinct subjects; therefore, Edgewood Consulting encapsulates these critical subjects and condenses them into a very effective self-empowerment grant financed program that builds far more capable young adults in our communities.

Edgewood Consulting - We exist to empower!